Flowers play an integral role on our farm.  Besides the luscious beauty and magic they bring, they help create habitat for beneficial insects, frogs, and birds so we don't have to spray.  As customers begin seeking out local food, local flowers are an obvious next step.  The international flower market is a pretty dirty business, so your conscious can rest easy when you choose local flowers!

We offer mixed bouquets from June through October at our farmers market stands.  Dried flowers and wreathes are available in the fall and winter.  We grow over 50 varieties, including zinnia, dahlias, marigolds, sunflowers, snapdragons, black eyed susans, celosia, statice, amaranth, yarrow, sweet williams, stocks, anemones, ranunculus, iris, peony, lilac and many, many other unique and special varieties! 

Special orders are always welcome.  We sell "bulk" flowers by the bucketful for DIY weddings or events.  We also offer full floral services for weddings.  Contact us for pricing.

Flowers feed the soul (and the bees!).