Friend of the Farm Card is another way to support our farm, and will start in 2018.  It is similar to CSA in that you pay up front for your produce, supporting us farmers with the resources required to produce a crop.  However, you can choose the amount you want to pay, and then debit from your account at our farmers market stands throughout the season.  

We give you a 10% discount when you sign up as a Friend of the Farm.  The card goes in increments of $100, starting at $150.  So if you decide to get the $450 card, you pay $405 but have $450 on your account.  We keep a detailed account of your purchases, and you get to choose exactly what you want from our farm stand each week!

This program works perfectly for folks who can't eat through an entire CSA share in one week, or for those who want to choose exactly what goes in their basket each week.