We use the strictest ecological standards in our farming practices and are USDA certified organic by NOFA NY.  We use no-till methods on our farm, which have enormous environmental benefits.  We top dress permanent beds with our blended compost and use crop rotation, deep mulching with organic straw, sheet mulching with paper or cardboard, compost tea, and cover crops to build fertility and soil tilth.  We plant herbs, perennials, and flowers throughout our fields in order to build a beneficial habitat for insects, amphibians, reptiles and birds.   

We grow over 200 varieties on our farm, many of which are "specialty" items that are difficult or impossible to find in a grocery store.  Some of our favorites are micro greens, sungold tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, cipolinni onions, padrone peppers, fairy tale eggplant, lemon cucumbers, moon and stars watermelon, scarlet nantes carrots, white salad turnips, black radishes, watermelon daikon, purple cauliflower, and our unique salad mix which contains 10 - 20 different types of baby greens, herbs and edible flowers depending on the season.

We also grow the standby produce we rely on for everyday eats.  Dino kale, butternut squash, yellow onions, head lettuce,  broccoli, and red tomatoes are all grown in abundance on our farm as well.

Our Food

Our Story

Lovin' Mama Farm started in 2011 when we decided to start farming full time.  We are farming because we are following our dream of making a living for our family in a sustainable and enjoyable way, and to give our three kids the opportunity to grow up on a farm and gain a deep understanding of how the earth provides for us.  

We named our farm Lovin' Mama Farm because we love Mother Earth, and because Mama wants her kids and others in the community to eat only the best, poison free and gmo free, fresh fruits and veggies.  Our produce is certified organic and grown with love.  

​We have recently relocated our farm from Northern California to Upstate New York.  Kinda crazy to move a farm across country, but after years of insecure land tenure in California, we finally gave in to the calling to return to family owned land.  And we are so glad we did.  Our new farm is lush and abundant, situated on a 120 acre nature preserve.  It has been a dream come true to design our farm from the ground up and we are in our first season of producing food for the Capital Region of New York State.